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Cape “Super Smoke Plus” Seed Germination Primer

Recommended for treating seeds to overcome dormancy and increase seed germination.

For the story behind Smoke Induced Germination of Seed - see the  poster

Used for treating the seeds of many plants including:

· proteas

· restios (Cape grasses)

· leucospernums (pincushions)

· leucodendrons

· ericas (heaths)

· helichrysums (everlastings)

· lobelias

· grasses

· sedges

· mesembs

· strelitzias (crane flowers)

and many other species.

Each pack contains five papers and supplies enough solution to treat approximately 500 large seeds.

 Price (for pack of 5 papers) : £6.00 / 7.00€/ 10.00US$

Discounts available for large orders.

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Cape Super Smoke Plus is supplied as an absorbent paper that is impregnated with chemical components present in bushfire smoke plus other natural germination stimulators. To release these chemicals, water is simply added to the paper and the seeds are “smoked” by soaking them in this solution. This pretreatment stimulates seed germination by overcoming seed dormancy.




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